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Idk what makes people think


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Idk what makes people think it's hard being a rogue to receive invitations to join groups. I was a rogue and I managed to make my own groups. If you're not invited to one, it's time to make your own groups. The greatest benefit of creating your own groups WOW TBC Gold is that you literally are able to decide what equipment you want by inviting people who don't have the equipment. I was able for me to have full bis since I invited those who didn't need leather equipment.

Because I don't wish to tank just like you don't ...? Why do I have to do 1k+ DPS when I could perform 500-600 overall dps (I've reached 950 dps during some boss fights, believe it or not), off heal when needed, off tanking when necessary, and battle res in order to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold save the party from wiping when someone is a mess or gets hurt, internalize the healer and then give everyone in the group an extra 5% critical?


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