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Advertisement Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines (July 7th, 2021)


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Welcome, this short post will guide you on how to conduct yourself whilst posting within this section, and will inform you of any rules/guidelines when posting in this section. Please note: These rules/guidelines are subject to change at any time. If and when they are changed, the title of this thread will be changed to contain the date of the latest update. It is up to you from there to check regularly for any changes.

Rule 1: Please only bump every 24 hours. If you are caught bumping a thread on your own account you will be given infractions.

Rule 2: Only 1 Thread per token. If you have more then 1 Thread per token we will remove it. If you are the token owner and someone has made a thread for you that is incorrect please private message an administrator and they will remove it.

Rule 3: We do not promote advertisements for scams. If we have any information brought up to us that your token could be a scam/rugpull we will investigate and possibly remove it. Please do not scam people it is wrong and we will not tolerate it. That being said please DYOR on every token listed in this forum we are not responsible if you get rugpulled/lose your money. We will have no way to keep up with the tokens listed daily so please proceed with caution.

Rule 4: Follow this format for the thread title.
[Launch Date][Token Symbol][Swap launched on]

For example :
[5/22/2021][ERTH][Pancake v2] Erth Token - Saving The Earth One Tx at a Time!

This is a example of a appropriate title.

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