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Welcome to the Forums! (July 8, 2021)


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Welcome to the Forums,

As you all know I just recently created these forums for ERTH and they will be updated shortly with more content. I have not seen many forums for crypto where people can find information about blockchains and how tokens work. I will be writing some guides here to help people learn and I hope some other people can write some guides as well in the knowledge section. Also we are offering a free advertise section for tokens. We will be trying our best to moderate it unlike some popular subreddits that do not and our filled with spam. We also will be offering chatrooms as I know many of you have already seen this. I will be updating it so charts are directly above the chatroom so you can chat while viewing the chart here on the forums. There is also a chat feature which you can chat directly with other people and connect with people all around the world. I know many people think that ERTH is just a token but it is much more then that. It will be an empire of things that will prove useful to the crypto community for years to come. Our first huge example will be ERTH tools which if you are not aware is what I have been coding for several weeks now. I spent extensive time focusing on our charts and closed beta should be released this weekend. We also plan on making several more tools which include tools where you can launch your own token presale, swap tokens on your favorite swap, create your own token through our contract creator, scan other token contracts to check for possible rug pulls/errors, host a airdrop for your token and make specific requirements to be entered(follow twitter, hold certain amount of tokens, etc..), and more. Most of these will be free tools and some will have a small fee compared to what the crypto community currently charges for such services.  I am thankful for everyone who has been here since the start of our journey. I also welcome everyone who has joined us recently as you are still very early to the long journey ahead of us. I created ERTH for two reasons which are to help the crypto community progress forward and to help the world around us in the process. We have made great results so far.

Thank you,


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